This website comprises representative works from my art practice, both recent and from the past (see archives). The majority of my work is inspired by the street-photograpy tradition and the work of the pictorialists. I am exploring ways in which every day moments can be used to create art works that speak of the immediate and unpredictable experience of everyday life, but are informed by contemporary cultural and social considerations.


Photomonomania a photo-blog to satisfy an incessant and compulsive obsession with taking photographs. It is both a documentary exploration as well as a candid portrait of Hong Kong people. It is also a photographic experiment, to capture a portrait whilst walking and by using camera settings in manual mode and with minimum depth of field.


Artcue Projects is a platform for launching curatorial and art management related projects as well as showcase some of the projects that I have been involved with in the past in a variety of curatorial capacities including curator, assistant curator, project manager, designer and photographer.